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LAP-AID formed as a response to the 2008 flood. More than 70 organizations brought approximately $20.5 million in resources and services to Linn County. Following 2008, LAP-AID:

  • Coordinated 639 construction jobs

  • Provided $1,296,001 in rebuild funding

  • Helped 1,400 households receive $3,581,788 in Unmet Needs Grants

  • Coordinated 664,756+ hours of volunteer service, valued at $13,295,120, with the Volunteer Reception Team and others

  • Along with the Community Recovery Center and others, used Emergency Public Jobs Program to hire workers, creating jobs that generated more than $500,000



  • Disaster Volunteer Coordination Team activated during Central City flooding


  • LAP-AID activated due to flash flooding in Linn County and high winds in Benton County

  • Disaster Volunteer Coordination Team fulfilled storm clean-up needs

  • Community organizations provided funding for case management; a partner agency coordinated these efforts

  • 42 volunteers provided 170 hours


  • Cedar Rapids floods activated LAP-AID and Disaster Volunteer Coordination Team

  • 2-1-1 served as community information and referral source

  • Provided mental health support at shelters

  • Introduced Legal Aid app

  • Provided support at the EOC and City Incident Command Center

  • Used special needs sheltering strategies

  • Accomplished joint planning for transportation needs

  • 263 volunteers provided 2,178 hours


  • Disaster Volunteer Coordination Team assisted recovery following Prairieburg tornado

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